Top 5 Must-Have Plug-Ins You Need after Installing WordPress

top 5 must have plug-ins, WordPress install plug-ins

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After you install WordPress, you should install at least a few basic plugins for your site. There are many plug-ins to choose from. For now, let’s concentrate on the top 5 must-have plug-ins you need after installing WordPress. In this post, we will discuss each of the top 5 must-have plug-ins in some detail. I am offering a video below showing the entire installation process. You can also get a download of the top 5 must-have plug-ins for free simply by subscribing to our resource library here: 

So Let’s take a look at our plug-ins:

Top 5 Must-Have Plug-Ins

Akismet Anti-Spam

This plugin is essential. While you can certainly use the free plugin, I highly recommend you upgrade to the $5/month version. This plugin protects your blog from spam, gives you statistics, and just works. It is different than a firewall plug-in. This one only protects you from Spam. We will discuss firewall plug-ins in a later post.


This is the common WordPress editor now. If you are not already familiar with the Classic editor, I would install this one and learn it from the beginning. I suspect the Classic editor will go away soon. Plus, Gutenberg has some really cool stuff!

WP Fastest Cache

This is a caching system that allows your site to run faster. There are many types of plugins for caching, but this one is the best at this time.

Social Pug

This will handle your social media as far as the “P” button for Pinterest, the “F” for Facebook, etc. There are two versions, a free one and a paid one. I recommend the paid version, but the free one will certainly get you started at first and for quite some time.

Google Analytics

Probably the best one is MonsterInsights. There is a free version that will work just fine. This works along with Google Analytics to provide you a quick view of your current analytics for your website. To see more detailed information, you CAN upgrade to the paid version. However, I recommend that you simply use the Free version and look at detailed analytics on the actual Google Analytics site.

Blogger Tech Tips Video

Watch the following video for in-depth installation of the five plug-ins described above.

Keep watching this site for more videos and quick tips for your WordPress installation. I anticipate having an in-depth video on all things plug-ins in the near future.

Until next time, happy blogging!

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top 5 must have plug-ins, WordPress
Top 5 Must-Have Plug-Ins, WordPress

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