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HomeOffice Chaos. Oh, what a mess.

I was getting ready for a business trip this morning and looked around my HomeOffice. OMG what a mess, I thought. It’s truly HomeOffice chaos and needs organization.

It’s funny, my Mother would NEVER leave the house, especially for a trip, without the entire thing being cleaned and ready for her to get back. I always thought that was a silly thought. But as I am older now, I get it. But sometimes that’s just not possible. I have roughly 5 hours before my plane leaves and I still have to pack. There is no way that’s going to happen today. It’ll look just like it has for the past … well… forever, I guess.

You see, although I’m not really a hoarder, I AM an electronics hoarder. Any time there is a new electronic gadget, I must have it. Do I need it? Absolutely not. Do I want it? Absolutely. So there you go. I get it home and look around and put it in the general area of where I keep like items. I still have no idea what I have. Also, my HomeOffice shares my other passion, my Aromatherapy collection.

For example, just yesterday I went to pick up an online order at Staples (my latest addiction..online ordering and pickup). I saw the prettiest cardstock. Had to have it. Bought it, brought it home and looked around. I had some JUST LIKE IT ALREADY. See how organized? Yeah, right.

As it sits here on my desk staring at me (it has nowhere else to go), I thought…I’ve got to get better organized.

My thoughts on organizational people

I have taken several online “courses” and read many articles about organization. If you want to waste about 30 hours, go on Pinterest. You can drool and “ooo and ahh” to your heart’s content. However, that really doesn’t get it done, does it? In theory, I agree with most of the principles out there. In practice? Not so much. For example, a pair of scissors doesn’t give me “Joy” (well, except for the pretty pink ones), but I’m not going to throw them out.

I tend to be “organized chaos” in my life, same for my HomeOffice. I’m like a whirlwind. My friends and family used to call me “Taz” for Tasmanian devil. I’ve decided, though, that I can be organized chaos in my HomeOffice as long as there is some sense of organization. As long as it’s not a total mess, organized to the point of being able to find stuff, why not?

So what do you do?

I decided. Something has to be done. Organized chaos may be ok, but it still has to be an organized HomeOffice. Of course, I’ve been saying that for the past however long. But this time, I’m serious. I have lots of trips coming up, and lots of handouts to make and finish. I can’t work like this anymore. I’m going to make a plan and make it happen.

I have so very little time to organize and other excuses

Now I know me. If I say “As soon as I get back, I’m going to clean this up”, it will never happen. It will bug me the whole time I’m gone. Then I’ll walk in the room when I get back and be totally overwhelmed. I’ll get sidetracked by something shiny or pretty I see, then I’ll be tired.  And I have so little time to organize. And I lost my shoe. One excuse is as good as the next. Instead of making excuses, I need a good, solid, plan to follow, I think.

craft room chaos, organization, shelvesOne section at a time

So what’s the plan, you say? One section at a time. I’m serious. I’m starting at my desk and looking left. You can start wherever you want, just make a plan where to start. I will do one section (about 3 feet, I have shelves) each week. Believe me, that’s a lot. It doesn’t look like a lot, but it really it. I am going to purge, if necessary, straighten, organize, and show it off. It will take a while, but it’ll be fine.

Every week do SOMETHING and keep the sections up to date

Now, here’s the rub. I can do something every week, with no issues. Keeping the sections up to date, now there’s the problem. So let’s think about it. If next week I clean that three-foot shelf completely, then the following week I start on its brother next to it. While I’m cleaning the new area, there will be things to buy, use, etc. from the items on the first shelf. Does that mean I have to go back and clean it again? Not necessarily. If I work hard on cleaning and organizing it, it won’t take but a minute to pick it up. I’ll put that in my plan too.

Figure out how long it will take and break it up

In my HomeOffice, if I take it 3 feet at a time, so to speak, it’s going to take me about 12 weeks. WOW! THREE MONTHS? Yup. And in the meantime, I’ll need to keep the cleaned sections together. I think we can do this.

Keep the “cleaned” areas clean each week

I think if we pretend anything from the cleaned area is like precious gold, or oils, or paper. That means if it comes from the cleaned area(s), it’s put immediately back. Oh hey! What a concept, right? That’s my plan, anyway. With your help, keeping each other accountable, perhaps we’ll make it! I’ll start a Facebook group and put the link here so we can discuss it. Feel free to also comment below, if you prefer. This is my version of organized HomeOffice chaos.


Ok. My goal is to be completely finished in three months. What’s yours? What is your plan?

First steps?

First, survey your area. Decide how large of an area you will fix each week. Figure out how long it will take you all together. If you get derailed, we’ll talk about ways to get back on track in future posts. 


Your challenge this week? Make a plan. Survey your area and make a plan. It’s that simple. Let me know when you’ve made your plan! We’ll hold each other accountable.

Until Next time…


Annie Richardson Consulting

–Annie, Your FairyBlogmother

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