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If you are new to blogging, you are probably overwhelmed with all the website hosting for WordPress that are available. If you are a seasoned blogger, you may be looking to change hosting companies for better functionality. I have done the research. Here are the good and bad of website hosting, and the best website hosting for WordPress.

I have to add a disclaimer here, these are MY opinions. I have based my opinions on research, but you may or may not agree with my opinions. That’s your call. I just thought I’d pass along what I’ve learned.

But before you start, make sure you are ready to setup your site, have your domain name picked out, and researched for availability. If you have not performed all these steps, read Before You Start a Blog. In addition, research your new domain name at Namechk.

After you have done all those things, and have decided on your hosting, look for a post for the hosting you have chosen. I have done videos for each of the main hosting sites I recommend to walk you through the entire process as well as written step-by-step directions for each. Look for them under Website Hosting.

Best Website Hosting for WordPress

FastComet (Up and Coming Preferred)

FastComet is one of the best website hosting sites out there. It’s easy to setup and easy to migrate. It has many features that are add-ons for other hosting sites. It’s really fast and grows well with you. I have found FastComet to be the best in the business at this time. Their customer service is unparalleled. They will even help you setup your website the first time. If you already have hosting elsewhere, FastComet will help you migrate it.

One of the main features I like about FastComet is there server locations. Your website will be hosted on the site closest to you and replicated to other sites for caching purposes. That means that there is redundant locatiions for your content. Almost always available. I would say “always available”, but nothing is ALWAYS, so… I am personally moving all my websites (mine and my husband’s) to FastComet. They are just that good. PLUS, your rate is locked in. I don’t know how many times I have hosted a website at a low cost only to be told the next year that the hosting cost had doubled. Uncool

The current cost starts at $2.95/month and includes the free domain name. Setup your FastComet Web Hosting.

Second Best Website Hosting for WordPress

Siteground (Preferred)

I first transferred my hosting to Siteground after I read and heard the many issues of Bluehost. Fortunately, Bluehost refunded my money and Siteground helped me migrate easily. It’s fairly inexpensive, and also includes many of the features that are add-ons for other hosting sites. If you choose to checkout Siteground or use them for your website, you can setup your Siteground web hosting here. Siteground isn’t as outrageous when it comes to renewal options as Bluehost, but the costs isn’t locked in automatically. You can see the differences between the websites in our Resource Library, which you can sign up for below:

Just OK Website Hosting for WordPress

These companies have their faults, but aren’t the worst.


Bluehost is a decent company for hosting. Recently, there have been many complaints, especially about their customer service, but honestly, I didn’t have any issues with them. I do find that both Siteground and FastComet are faster service and faster websites, though. The price is about the same, with the domain cost being additional. If you do decide to go with Bluehost, sign up for Bluehost here.


Dreamhost has fairy good reviews, but not as many features. It’s pricing right at the same as the medium pricing of other hosting, but is for low usage websites and blogs. It does provide some of the more advanced security features, but not as many as others. Check them out here: Dreamhost

Comparison Table for Basic Hosting

Monthly Cost (Paid annually) $         2.59 $         3.95 $         3.95 $         2.95
Yearly cost $       31.08 $47.40 + domain $       47.40 $       35.40
Locked in Renewal Rate No No No Yes

Server Environment




# of WordPress Sites


Visits Per Month (Uncached)

Low Low 

Visits Per Month (Cached)

Unmetered~10,000 ~25,000



SSD Storage


WordPress Pre-installed

WordPress Free Install YesYesYes
Free WordPress Transfer YesNoYes
Free Domain Transfer   Yes

Built-in Caching

Extra Speed and Caching    

FREE SSL Certificate


Automatic WordPress Updates:

Yes YesYes

FREE Jetpack Professional

Yes  Yes

Automated Daily Backups

YesYes Yes

On-Demand Backups

YesYes Yes

FREE Domain Included

1 yearNo1 yearLifetime

Free Domain Privacy

YesYes Yes

Email Accounts @ Your Domain


Custom-built Control Panel

SFTP, Shell Access, WP-CLI & more!YesYes Yes
Power Redundancy Yes Yes
Hardware Redundancy Yes Yes
Server Monitoring Yes Yes
Anti-Hack Systems Yes Yes
SPAM Prevention Yes Yes
Proactive updates and Patches Yes Yes



24/7 Ticket Support


Live Chat Support

Free Zoom Live Chat   Yes

Phone Support Callbacks

 Yes Yes

Priority Support

Free Tutorials    Yes
Free Responsive Templates   Yes

Money-back Guarantee


For a better comparison table, that includes other options, sign up for our free resource library:


Website Hosting for Very Large Audiences

I won’t go into all the details here, but once you reach 100,000 visitors/users, you will probably outgrow the shared hosting. Most of the companies listed above also have Managed WordPress Hosting for sites over 100,000. Of course the cost is more, but the bandwidth, speed, and possibilities are greater as well. Look for a post in the future for more details on the Very Large Audiences Web Hosting.

Avoid these companies for Hosting

Hostgator and Godaddy

Hostgator and Godaddy are great for getting domain names, but not so great for maintaining an active website. Generally speaking, they are slow, customer service is slow, and most of the time they are buggy. If you are running just a hobby blog and don’t intend to ever monetize or grow any larger, this may work fine, but I recommend going with one of the other ones.


A word about Wix. Wix is not really a WordPress hosting site. I fact, it’s more for video vlogging than anything. If you want to monetize it in any way, the cheapest plan is the Business Basic. You can accept online payments, but only allows 5 video hours with that plan. Plus it’s $20/month for 20G storage. Not really a great value. It is popular among vloggers, but doesn’t seem cost effective to me. I can add video on any of the platforms above, and even include youtube on the post. Not sure the advance of Wix at all.

There is always confusing about vs I wrote an entire post about the differences 10 Reasons to Use WordPress…and Which version to Use. Basically, although is free…there are definite limitations. Again, just for a hobby blog, perhaps, but I still recommend one of the other three.

Until next time, happy blogging.

Annie Richardson Consulting

P.S. Don’t forget to get access to our free resource library by signing up below!

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