How to Save Time Writing Blog Posts for the Perfectionist

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Save Time Writing Blog Posts by Batching … the procrastinator’s favorite!

I admit it. Batching blog posts when writing a blog, I just didn’t “get” it. My perfectionist brain said, “If you start it, you must finish it.” Enter my procrastinator side…if I can’t start AND finish it, just don’t start it! See what I mean? I tried methods from some of the greatest minds around…Kim Anderson (who is awesome, by the way) at Kim Anderson Consulting has a mentored membership group that helps tremendously, but I still didn’t get batching.  So I was not putting out as much content as I thought I needed to be. Batching blog posts for the perfectionist was born.

Every blog writing how to I read, said to do it a certain way, so I started the “normal” way where everything was done in a concise and ordered manner. Well, let’s just say that once I started with an outline, then moved to writing, I felt I HAD to finish. So I begin to think about how MY brains works. My brain said, you know, you COULD outline it and stop. That would be ok. Hmmmm. Ok, but that’s a small part of what goes into writing a blog post.  Then, along the same lines, the brain said “You could also do images BEFORE writing the post, right?” Could I?

Let’s digress for a second… for every post I write, I create a featured image, a Facebook image, Instagram image, and at least one Pinterest image. If there are images within the post, such as a picture of a dashboard for WordPress, or some other image that goes along with the descriptive part of my text, I create those as Pinterest images. Maybe what I needed were tools for bloggers.

Task Batching

Think of all the things you do for a blog post. Consider each area or subject a task. So in my example Images, SEO, writing, editing, video, and audio would all be Tasks. With that in mind, you could batch by task. Follow these methods to save time writing blog posts.

Save Time Writing Blog Posts – No Video

Ok, so I could outline it (batch 1), do the research for keywords, and long tail keywords for SEO (batch 2) create all the images based on what I can think of within the outline (batch 3), draft the post, insert the images, headings, and titles, on-page SEO, (batch 4), perform edits to ensure spelling, grammar, images, videos, audio, etc…enhancing the post, (batch 5), CLICK PUBLISH.

Now, for me, that didn’t settle well, because it would take FIVE DAYS to finish my post. Didn’t work well for me. BUT, when I looked at it as Task Batching, not days, it works. it may seem like that’s a lot of steps, but it works for me. Here’s how it looks on a timeline:

  • Batch 1 – Outline – 15 minutes
  • Batch 2 – Research – 30 minutes
  • Batch 3 – Images – 45 minutes
  • Batch 4 – Drafting, images, headings, and titles – 1.5 hours
  • Batch 5 – Check everything – 10 minutes

PUBLISH – total time 3 hours, 10 minutes

Realistically, I actually combine batches into days, so it looks more like:

  • Day 1 – Batch 1, & 2
  • Day 2  – Batch 3
  • Day 3 – Batch 6 & 7

Breaking it up in this manner allows me to do all the things you need to do for a blog on a daily basis, AND publish content at least 3 x a week. I’m less stressed, and it doesn’t take much time each day. It should be noted, Day 43 after Publish, becomes Day 1 for the new post, so we start all over again. Now keep in mind, this is for posts that do NOT have video or podcasts.

How to Save Time Writing Blog Posts WITH Video

If I am doing a video or podcast, I would need to add that task, as well as the editing portion of that task, in one of the batches. This would probably add about 2 hours to the total. The timeline would look more like:

  • Batch 1 – Outline – 15 minutes
  • Batch 2 – Research – 30 minutes
  • Batch 3 – Create video – 1.5 hours
  • Batch 4 – Images – 45 minutes
  • Batch 5 – Edit Images and Videos – 1 hour
  • Batch 6 – Drafting, images, headings, and titles – 1.5 hours
  • Batch 7 – Check everything – 10 minutes

PUBLISH – total time 5 hours, 50 minutes

On a week that the posts have video or podcast, I usually only publish 2 posts per week. That batch process looks like this:

  • Day 1 – Batch 1, & 2
  • Day 2  – Batch 3
  • Day 3 – Batch 4
  • Day 4 – Batch 5, 6 & 7

Either of these methods gives you a bit of a break between writing and publishing, allowing you to see things you may have missed. I’ve found that after I’ve looked at something for awhile, I will automatically overlook mistakes, misspelled words, etc. because I’ve been looking at it so long. Having a break between draft and publish allows me to see those things easier.

Using Blog Technology to Help

There are several technology apps and tools that can also be very helpful when writing your blog posts. You can read all about it and my recommendations here:

Blogger Technology Tools – Dragon Anywhere

It is HIGHLY recommended using some type of audio recording system to help with your blog. I, personally, use Dragon Anywhere. Using this tool, I can dictate my blog post while driving, while waiting in line, while grocery shopping (yeah, I look a little silly talking to myself, but whatever!).

Blogger Technology Tools – Trello

I’ve also added a Trello Board that I incorporate into Kim Anderson’s Strategy that helps me outline my posts. You can get the Blog Post board by subscribing to our FREE Resource Library!

Here’s a picture of what the Blog Post board looks like incorporated with Kim’s strategy when in use…

trello board, 12 week blog system

You can get a copy of my board add-in (the blog post board with checklists) by signing up for our FREE Resource Library. Then, you can simply incorporate it into Kim’s 12 Week Blog Growth Trello board, or use as a stand-alone board. Be sure to check out Kim Anderson’s 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy. You can find more information about it at Kim Anderson’s 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy

Batching Final Thoughts

No matter what strategy you use, batching DOES work. Batching CAN save time writing blog posts. It’s all about how you set it up for you. Make it work for you and you’ll be less stressed about blogging.

I’ve built a handout for you outlining the steps I use for batching blog posts. You can get it free by signing up for our Free Resource Library. While you’re there, check out all other handouts and feel free to download those as well. You can sign up here.

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Until next time, happy blogging!

Annie Richardson Consulting

Annie, Your Fairy BlogMother

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