Kim Anderson’s 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy

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One of my favorite Goal Setting Courses:

Kim Anderson’s 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy – This course is a fast track for growing your blog. Absolutely fantastic for quarterly goal setting and growing. This course is full of ideas for growing your blog and setting goals that are reachable. Kim takes you from the beginning of goal setting to inclusion of all other things in your life. This course has helped me to stay on track and keep my goals front and center!


From Kim’s Website:

Course Curriculum

The 12 Week Blogging Success Strategy
  • Introduction: How To Squeeze the Most Out of this Course
  • Step 1 Lesson: Understand the Five Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Make Forward Progress
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 1- Audio Recording
  • Step 2 Lesson: How to Own Your Own Success
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 2- Audio Recording
  • Step 3 Lesson: Plan to Succeed or Get By: Why Both Are Okay
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 3 – Audio Recording
  • Step 4 Lesson: Create Your Process
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 4- Audio Recording
  • Step 5 Lesson: Create Your Own Goals
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 5 Audio Recording
  • Step 6 Lesson: Divide & Conquer
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 6 Audio Recording
  • Step 7 Lesson: Treat Yo’ Self!
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 7 Audio Recording
  • Step 8 Lesson: Consider Whether You Need Accountability
  • LISTEN AND LEARN STEP 8 Audio Recording
  • Step 9 Lesson: Just Keep Blogging
  • LISTEN & LEARN STEP 9 Audio and Recording
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  • BONUS: Blog & Email Editorial Calendar in Trello
  • BONUS: 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Trello Tutorial
  • 12-Week Blog Growth Strategy Printable Planner
  • 12- Week Blog Growth Strategy Printable Blog Post Process
  • NEW BONUS: Kim’s Printable Processes
  • The Unofficial 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy EBA Breakdown

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Kim Anderson’s 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy